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complete the challenges for dojo points!

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  1. Magnus says:

    Enid blyton was born 11 agaust.

  2. Ethan and ronnie says:

    Enid Blyton was a famos author.
    Enid Blytion dide.

  3. Amelia says:

    1. Enid Blyton was born on the 11th of August 1897.Enid Blyton was a famous childrens author.Enid Blyton died on the 28th of November 1968.
    2.10×71=710 10×485=4850 10×365=3650

  4. Ayda says:

    Enid blyton was a teacher but now she is a auther
    Enid blyton was a famous auther
    Enid blyton died in 28th November 1968

  5. Abigail says:

    She was born 11th august. She was head girl. She did not enjoy maths.

    10×5979=59790 10×71=710 10×485=4850 10×365=3650

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