RE 13/12/17

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  1. Abigail says:

    1.shabbat day is for a salabration.


    3.10 commandment.
    4.come my Beloved.5 friday eving , sartaday evning. 6 satarday evning.
    7 it is a special day for jewish people.

  2. Dakota says:

    1.To relaxing day.
    2.6 days.
    3.10 commandments.
    4.A prear.
    5.Sunset friday.
    6.Night Saturday.
    7.relax and no work.

  3. Amelia says:

    1. A shabbat day is that they celebrate resting.
    4.come, my Beloved to meet the sabbath Bride
    5. friday
    6.saterday night
    7.celaerbrate and resting.

  4. Nicky and patrick says:

    1.Yuw rest on shabbat.

  5. Layla says: is a rest in the week.
    2.god created world in six days is metioned in the ten commandements
    4.come my beloved to meet the sabbath six o’clock
    6.on saturday evening
    7.shabbat starts on fridy is a time for peace harmony and relaxation.

  6. Rinad says:

    1.A day of rest.
    2.6 day
    3.10 commandments
    4.come my beloved to meet the bride.
    5.wene it is friday sunset
    6.wene it is sataday afternoon.
    7.having fun with your family,gramam,grandad and frends.

  7. Ronnie says:

    1,the day of rest
    2 6 weeks
    3 10 commandments
    4 come my belove to meet
    5 in one week
    6 nite fall
    7 to rlax, peace

  8. OWEN says:

    1. shabbat day is a day of rest
    2.6 days
    4. they song hole.
    5. Friday .
    6.ends at night fall on a saturday to your family.

  9. Isayas says:

    1.To relax.
    2.six a senagon
    4.Come my beloved to meet
    5.On sataday.
    6. On night fall sat
    7.pace hamany.

  10. Dennis says:

    1.shabbat is a day that They cleberete.

    4.come my Beloved to meet the sabbath Bride.
    6.saterday night.
    7.celaerbrate and resting.

  11. Charlie says:

    1.a day for jewish people it is the day of rest in a week.
    2. God created the world in 6 days.
    3. Shabbat is mentioned in the 10 commandments.
    4.shabbat is reffered to as a queen or bride and a song called come my beloved to meet the sabbath bride is sung as shabbat beggins.
    5.shabbat beggins on sunset friday and ends saturday .
    6.shabbat ends on nightfall saturday.
    7. It is a time peace, harmony and relaxtion. It is a time for you enjoy and relaxe.

  12. Ayda says:

    1. When it is shabbat familis seat and eat diner together.
    3.In church
    4. It is called come my beloved.
    5.shabat starts at friday.
    6.shabat ends at saterday.
    7.shabat is a specile day for jewish people.

  13. Lexie says:

    1. A shabbat day is that they celebrate resting .
    3. 10commands.
    4. Come my Beloved to meet the sabbat bride.
    6.saterday night
    7.celebraate and reseting.

  14. Ethan says:

    1.It is a day to rest.

    2.6 days. the 10 commandments.

    4.cum bay may love.
    5.7th of saterday.

  15. Ruby says:

    1. Resting
    2.six days
    3. 10. comments
    4.come my Belvold to meet the sabbath bride
    5.friday morning
    6.saterday eveing

  16. Magnus says:

    1. Shabat is a day people to rest
    2. It took god 6 days he rested on the 7th
    3. In the 10 comandments
    4. come my beloved to meet the shabat bride is sung as shabat begins
    5. Shabat begins at sunset on friday
    6.shabat ends nightfall on sautaday is a time for harmony and peace

  17. Nicky and patrick says:

    2.It tuc him 6bis
    3.A pusn lids a duc
    4.The bad puls thedancint
    5. Eviy won cums to the mums haows
    6.The chitinjn hav bin

  18. Lyla says:

    2,6 days
    3,mentioned in the 10th commandments.
    4, come my beloved to meet the sabbath bride
    5, shabat begun on friday after noon
    6, at nightfall

  19. Ethan says:


    7.spending time with famly.

  20. David says:

    1. It is a resting day
    2 .six
    3. 10 comands
    4. A prear
    5. Friday
    6. Saterday
    7. Resting

  21. Carter says:

    2.6 days
    4. Come my Beloved
    5. begins at sunset on Friday
    6 satday eving
    7.for you to rlax

  22. Johnathan says:

    1.shabbat day is an important
    2.god made the wold in 6 days and rested 7th.
    3. 10 comments
    4. Come my belovid
    5friday evning
    6.satarday. Evning

    7.shabbat day is for family and friend time.


  23. Jacob says:

    1, Restin
    2, six. Days
    3, 10 comments
    4, Come my belove to meet
    5 Shabbat begins at sunset on friday and ends atnightfall o saturday

  24. Ella says:

    1.a shabbat day is that they celebrate resting.
    4.come, my beloved to meet the sabbath bride.
    6.satday night.
    7.celaerbrate and resting.

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